-Loving Husband
-Father to Two Doggies
-MRI Artist &
Neurosarcoidosis Champion

Hey folks. My name is Eric C Hudson. 

  • I am married to the most wonderful woman imaginable.
  • I love our labradoodles Penelope and Rolo.
  • I live in Portland, Oregon and love it there.
  • And oh yeah...I have this lifelong, possibly life threatening disease.

That last part...not so cool.

Ummmm Eric, what the Sam Hill do you have again?

I'm glad you asked. Neurosarcoidosis is a rare medical condition.  Acute Transverse Myelitis is also a rare medical condition. Your pal Eric, here, was just lucky enough to draw the short straw and was diagnosed with both of these things. The odds of having Acute Transverse Myelitis is about 1 in a Million...literally. The odds of having that along with Neurosarcoidosis is even rarer. They both fall under auto-immune disorders that hit you from out of the blue. (Again...not so cool.) This condition results in an inflammation of the spinal cord which pinches nerves throughout your spine resulting in various parts of your body to stop working....then work again...then stop working...

It all started in 2013. It was a huge battle determining exactly what was wrong with me. It sucked...not gonna lie. 

Wow! That does suck, Eric! What kind of symptoms did you have?

The symptoms, for me at least, included Multiple Sclerosis type twitching, numbness from the waist down, loss of motor skills including the ability to walk, forgetfulness, night sweats, insomnia, slurring and trouble speaking, shaking constantly so that I couldn't even hold a glass. Straws needed for everything or cups and glasses get dropped…you get the drill.

I have had a wonderful team of doctors that have lead me through ups and downs...treatments and diagnoses until we finally figured it out. It was a long and tiring road to get to the final diagnosis. Each passing day I was getting worse and worse. Stumbling more...shaking more...tripping over my feet and my words. The doctors did NOT have smiles on when I would visit as they told me how quickly things were progressing.  This was an ugly situation. I had a rare condition taking my health down on a fast train to….well, I don’t like to think about it.

Holy Cow! Not Cool!

I know right? Honestly? I'd rather just be watching a House of Cards marathon.

After months and months,  I was finally diagnosed with Neurosarcoidosis with Acute Transverse Myelitis: auto-immune conditions that attack the spinal cord. For those of you keeping track, I need my spinal cord! But once we got it diagnosed, I have been doing pretty good. Proper diagnosis, proper treatment...not saying I am better. It is lifelong. I don't get to get better. But things are progressing in a positive way.

So how is your health now?

As of this point today, I am currently in remission. Remission meaning I may look "great" to the average Joe on the street, but believe you me, it is a lot of effort to look this way. I'm taking about 20 pills a day, I still get incredibly shaky if I don't watch what I eat and drink, I have to go in for blood work every month, and with no immune system, the flu could kill me.

That being said, I am the luckiest kid in town to be able to say I am in remission. Totally lucky. I get that. (Look how bad things USED to be! Am I right?!) And I am so thankful for the team and support I have received to get to this point. I am thankful for my family, my friends, my employer, but most importantly, my wife Cindy who was amazing and supportive and I don’t know what else.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I see all this artsy stuff on your site. What gives?

Now, I am creating artwork. I am trying to create something positive from all of this stuff.
I obtained all the imagery from my hospital tests including multiple MRIs, CT Scans, Ultra-Sounds, X-Rays, the works. I am generating artwork from my medical images and all of the artwork you see on this site is generated 100% from my imagery. Of course I work some Photoshop magic on them to turn them into patterns, colorize them, tweak, and generate artwork from them. 

I refuse to let this thing take over. If it is going to be around in my life from here on out, I am going to take this condition and turn it into something that I think is kinda amazing. (Not hot fudge sundae amazing…but close!)

You can read my blog in the blog section of this site. It is pretty raw and somewhat profane. (sorry kids) But it is my story from when I went through all of this and I think it is interesting to see how things unfolded. I wrote it as it all was going on…so you can see my troubles, my misdiagnosis, and my emotional meltdown as I tried to understand why my body was turning on me.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these  prints for your home or medical office, please contact me. If you are in the Portland, OR area, I would be happy to deliver them and meet you in person!

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